Could this be the secret to landing your dream job? One woman in London found a clever ‘hack’ to make her resume stand out from the rest. Ashleigh Spiliopoulou wanted to leave her previous job and pursue a career in PR. She discovered a company that matched all her requirements, but there was one issue – they had no job openings. Undeterred, Ashleigh took matters into her own hands.

Ashleigh redesigned her CV to mimic the website of Emerge, a London-based PR firm, and reached out to the founder. Her bold move paid off, as she successfully secured a job. Now, she is sharing her hack on TikTok and encouraging others to follow suit.

In her TikTok video, Ashleigh explains that she used her name as the subject line, followed by “proposal to hustle.” She sent an email expressing her passion for the company and why she would be an amazing addition to their team. By redesigning her CV to match Emerge’s branding, Ashleigh demonstrated her commitment and stood out among the competition.

The company founder was impressed and invited Ashleigh for an informal chat. They recognized her attitude and offered her a job that has changed her life. Ashleigh urges others not to wait for their dream job listing. She emphasizes that many of her friends simply wait for job openings, but she believes in taking proactive steps to make things happen.

Ashleigh loves her job and feels inspired by her colleagues every day. She wants others to know that they can experience the same fulfillment and success. So, instead of waiting, she encourages everyone to take initiative and go after their dream job.

In conclusion, Ashleigh’s creative approach to job hunting proved to be a game-changer. By thinking outside the box and showcasing her passion and enthusiasm, she was able to land her dream job. Her story serves as a reminder to job seekers to be proactive and seize opportunities, even when there are no job listings available.

CVs: How to Stand Out and Get Noticed by Employers

In the competitive job market, it’s crucial to make your CV stand out from the crowd. But can redesigning your CV for a specific company really help? Employment experts have mixed views on this hack.

Molly Johnson-Jones, CEO and co-founder of Flexa, a platform for flexible working opportunities, believes that tailoring your CV to a specific company can increase your chances of getting employed. However, she emphasizes that employers are looking for diverse candidates who can bring new experiences and ideas to the table. So, it’s important to showcase your unique skills, expertise, values, and interests.

On the other hand, Khyati Sundaram, CEO of ethical AI hiring experts Applied, suggests that companies should not accept CVs at all, whether they are hiring or not. She believes that CVs can trigger bias and disadvantage marginalized candidates. Instead, Sundaram recommends sending a personalized email expressing your interest in hearing about future roles and arranging a casual chat with someone on the team.

So, while redesigning your CV for a specific company may help, it’s essential to go beyond just mirroring the company’s values. Showcasing your unique qualities and using alternative methods, such as LinkedIn and personalized emails, can also make a significant impact on your job search.

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